Friday, May 08, 2009

State symbols

Sometimes when I need a good laugh I'll take a look at the lists of state symbols from Wikipedia. Here are some good ones:

Missouri state desert: Ice cream cone. I guess the state senate must have had a majority of people that was lactose intolerant at the time of the vote.

North Carolina state blue berry: With a surprising result, it is the blueberry. Really what else could it have been? Guess what their state straw berry is.

Arkansas state fruit/vegetable: Tomato. They didn't even have the guts to call it one or the other, they just know they like it.

Oklahoma state menu item: Barbecued pork. Chicken fried steak. Sausage. Biscuits and gravy. Fried okra. Squash. Grits. Corn. Black-eyed peas. Cornbread. Pecan Pie. No wonder Oklahoma is one of the fattest states in the Union. It also goes to show why you should wait for voting on state foods until after lunch.

Indiana state beverage: Water. Why did that even come up as a topic to make official?

Delaware state colors: Colonial Blue and Buff.

Georgia state colors: Colonial Blue and Buff. I bet it is going to be awkward when Delaware and Georgia see each other at the dance wearing the same thing.

Maryland state individual sport: Jousting. Jousting? Really? Didn't that happen 500 years ago?

That's all I got for now, but seriously? Ice cream cone?


Callie said...

LOL @ Oklahoma. Looks like they went to the local diner and chose everything on the menu.

And seriously, who picks "buff" as a state color? That's like picking beige. Real exciting people they have there.

I'm thinking that maybe Missouri meant ice cream cone as in the WHOLE thing - including the ice cream?

Michelle said...

I laughed out loud through the whole thing--at work. Yeah I do what I want.

Oh, and if they meant the whole thing, Missouri would have said Ice cream in a cone.

Anonymous said...

ice cream cone? that's really bizarre. i love that north carolina is the blue berry. i love blue berries.