Friday, May 29, 2009

Weight Watchers Points Diet

Callie has decided to go on a diet, and after a bit of complaining about the normal boiled chicken diet routine she said that she was going to try to points diet. If she hadn't said anything I would have suggested it because that diet is the only one that I have seen that actually works. (I stole the rest of this from the comment I left after her blog post.)

I never have needed to diet, but people in my wife's family have had to and the points diet is very good, and it will work as long as you follow the rules.

The reason it is so good is the reason why other diets are so bad. Other diets deny food and force a life of crazy weird tasteless food. Who wants to live the rest of their life eating boiled chicken and not sweets, even if they are thin?

The points diet is so good because it teaches people how to eat healthy. And yes even cheese burgers are healthy if eaten in the proper portion, with other food to go with it. The points diet does not deny food, but just makes you justify eating chocolate by showing how many points could be used instead to have a huge dinner.

The best thing is that even after you get tired of counting points you will have a good idea about what you should eat, and how much to eat of it. So a person on the points diet becomes a better person after the diet is over, whereas a person on the other kinds of diets have no better chance as staying fit than before when the diet started.


Callie said...

Thanks Ookami!

And, I've lost 5 lbs so far. Not too bad. Plus, I had a cheeseburger this weekend. Granted, I didn't have much else that day, but goodness did it taste yummy.


Anonymous said...

i agree with you sir, diets actually make people gain weight. the bottom line is making a life change that works with a person's lifestyle.

points is the only one i've seen folks be successful with too.

Braveharte said...

While I agree with many of the points that you made, I think that basic calorie counting is even better and simpler. Why convert calories into some mysterious points when you can just simply look at calories in and calories out? There are tons of free websites that allow you to count calories and if you are out and about without the point conversions you can still know what you should be eating... 300 calories is 300 calories. It worked great for me! I lost 46 lbs... although now I'm gaining it back... stupid baby... :)
It was amazing to me how many places that I thought were relatively "healthy" were really terrible... Like Applebees Tequilla Lime Chicken... Okay so I knew it wasn't great, but it has more calories than a whopper, fries, and med coke. Yikes!