Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Things I can't do

I think that I can handle almost any task that I am assigned. If I don't already know how to do it, I think that I would have no problem learning how to do it. I figure if somebody else can do something then I should be able to figure it out as well.

However there is something that I am finding out I am terrible at: wiring down letter or numbers while someone tells me them to me. It often happens at work that I get a customer on the phone that I will need to contact later after I have some time to work on the problem, so I must either get their phone number or email address. Oh how I fail at this simple task. Phone numbers I can somewhat handle because they are a set length and there are only ten options for each space and each number sounds different.

Email addresses on the other hand shut my brain off. As soon as letters start getting rattled off I lose all function to write and remember and after I get the first two letters down I am lost until the part. Then I have them say it again and I get another couple of letters but that is it. I just can't do it. To save the customer from repeating it a third time I just guess at what the other letters should be (usually it is their last name, or can be found in our companies database) and get to work on their problem.

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest.


The Math Ninja said...

It's interesting that you start you post like you did. This weekend, my mom spoke almost the same exact sentence. She said my grandpa has that idea too. If someone else can do it, then he can to.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying about phone # and email addresses- sorry I think you got that from me- the female half of your gene pool

Aaron Brown said...

That will happen to me if someone spells a name with the phonetics and I'm not expecting them to spell it phonetically. Like say the word is Halawa, and they're like "OK, Hotel, Alpha, Lima, etc" I'm like what, start over lol


Tuba Queen said...

i guess giving numbers all day and taking numbers, names and such I think I can say I'm pretty good at it, JUST because I do it all day long. I actually have trouble remembering notes on my thats horrible.

Anonymous said...

this is very intriguing to me, it's just the way your brain functions. do you know what type of learner you are?

my husband i think has this problem too, he's got a lot of these types of "quirks". i think it's the burden of the highly intelligent.

can you hear ceiling fans in an upstairs room? or, other low noises like that?

Ookami Snow said...

@Math Ninja - More people should think that way, instead of making excuses for themselves.

@Genes - Prob.

@Aaron - Switching to military letters helps me, even if I wasn't thinking about it, it slows down the stream of letters so I can get them down.

@Tuba Queen - You mean like where the fingers go or what the next note is?

@piglet - Um not that I know of, but we also do have our ceiling fans on much.