Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Fun

I have many things I want to write about (such as why people that have no idea what the normal procedure at a restaurant is feel like they should give orders to others who go there all the time) but I found this clip and, well, it is more entertaining than I would be.


Anonymous said...

those girls have lots of talent, it looks really hard to do the stuff they're doing.

can't wait to read about stupid restaurant people :)

Callie said...

That was totally wicked!!!!

(I think I watched The Incredibles a few too many times.)

Thanks for sharing! I have to show my kids.

Heff said...

That video makes me ache.

The Math Ninja said...

I would like a jump rope.

Mike B. said...

Remember me? I'm Mike B., the guy who ran this site:

I'm now on Twitter at:

Have a good one!

Irene said...

Oh my gosh, I don't even want to guess how many hours went into that routine. these girls are unbelievable. i was not expecting anything so awesome and it only got more surprising as it went on. I dont know any of those girls yet I'm so darn proud of all of them!!