Monday, June 08, 2009

The start of the end

First watch this video (it is from Project Natal, on the XBox 360):

If half of this video is true we are in serious trouble; it will be the start of computers replacing people as companions. Sure there are a couple people right now that attach themselves to the odd story book hero, anime girl, or new hot American Idol, but those characters can't react back to your affection. This program on the other hand, has a personality, idiosyncrasies that take time to learn, interaction in both physical and mental.
It could be argued that the interaction that is taking place (at least from the standpoint of the human) is real. And as long as it feels real for the human it will push all the buttons that a real human interaction will normally push, this means that there won't be a reason to have human relationships. Why try to date somebody that will just break your heart in the end? Why have a baby that will wake you up in the middle of the night? Why put so much effort into a kid that will not appreciate the effort until far too late in life? All of these can be replicated in the program, and you get none of the inconvenience.

The human race might have just met its hardest foe yet -can we survive when the other option is bliss?


B.E. Earl said...

I'm pretty sure this is how Skynet becomes aware.

We are doomed.

(If you are reading this, you ARE the Resistance!)

Callie said...

That's just creepy.

Thanks, but no. I think I'll take the real flesh and blood variety any day.

Slyde said...

ive been watching this video since it debuted at E3 last week..

i am amazed... i want to trade in my PS3 and Wii for an Xbox..

Irene said...

Wow. a bit scarey but I remember when people thought it was nuts to have a cell phone that you can talk to someone without a wire attached to the big box on the wall. And I also remember how everyone made such a stink when they didnt have to get up to change the channel, then wireless remotes. I'm not surprised this is in existence, but just like a parent doesn't let their child watch too much TV, or shows with too much violence they can also limit this type of play... I hope they would anyway. I would like to see it in person but I dont think I'd want to own it.

Anonymous said...

wow, this is a whole lot of stuff in a very short example. it's intriguing, but i will always prefer real humans. future generations, may not have the same belief b/c it'll be a regular aspect of their reality.