Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Today we went to BW3s to play some trivia and eat food. I didn't win trivia, but Stef (ph?) came along and brought her kid, Bug. Bug isn't his real name, but everyone calls him that. Actually he is a very nice, cute kid, somewhat the opposite of a bug. Anyways, he enjoyed getting his picture taken, and he smiled/squinted once he saw the orange focusing light that was followed by the very bright white flash. Here's a good one of him:

Is that not ^_^?


Big Red Lance said...

That is a cute little kid. ^_^...indeed.

Michelle said...

He is seriously adorable. And look at that shirt, he's like a fashion Divo. Ugh, love it.

Steph said...

My Bug! :) I think he's the most adorable toddler ever but then, I may be a bit prejudiced.

You should see his Chick Magnet T shirt.

Can't wait to see you all again soon!