Thursday, July 06, 2006

July: 5 down 26 to go

Contrary to what my blog has been saying, I have been doing things over the past week. The highlights have been:
My mom and sister (Michelle) can up to visit, Michelle is still up here. Here is a pic of my mom rocking out to Guitar Hero.

While my mom was still up we all played a rousing game of Super Tennis, it was the first time we played it this year. In this pic we are intimidating the opposing team with our threatening stance.

Yesterday we rocked it out Independence style with a good city fireworks show and then an uber home made fireworks show. The police only stopped by twice and no one got arrested, so we will call it a win.
Currently I am gathering my pirate effects for the midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow. Our group is going to Eat an Long John Silver's then watch the first movie and then go to the new movie tomorrow night, all dressed liked pirates (With most of the costumes made by Nicole or Jenette). I'll have some pics up late late tomorrow night.

p.s. Go to Pirates tomorrow night.
p.p.s. When you go dress like a pirate.
p.p.p.s. Arrrg!

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