Friday, June 30, 2006

Mad Part 18 (Kaye - Jupiter Sunrise)

Alice (who used the screen name of Kaye) has a chat with the Caterpillar. It turns out to be a bad thing.

Well after a long wait I have finally got the 18th part of Mad out. It took awhile because of the dubbing, but it turned out really well, especially since the three camera angles are from different nights. Unfortunately YouTube has the audio off again, so it doesn't look as good on the internet as it does on my computer, but I am tired of working on it. Enjoy!

The song is Kaye by Jupiter Sunrise

Mad Part 1
Mad Part 17

p.s. if you want a better quality video (and one where the sound is synced correctly) let me know and I will post the video on my website.

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