Thursday, June 15, 2006

From WebStoop's ashes comes

Well I finally chucked the log (as they say in Scotland), I got myself a proper website. WebStoop gave me a taste for web space that was free of ads, but unfortunately their two day life was not enough to quench my thirst for web freedom. So I give to you:

(duhn duhn DUHN duhn!)

(da DAAAAA!)

I will post all my stuff that I do over there (such as ColorSqur and CuttingEdge from previous posts), but I will still use Blogger to host my blog (for now).

In other news my apartment is now full of wireless internet waves (ready for a new lappy...) And the sport called Hurling is down right deadly (it is soccer and baseball cross).


Big Red Lance said...

That is awesome. Congrats on the Website.

Tim Sparr said...

Oooh. Nice site, just a bit more work with content and graphics and youre set!

Anyways, is already back - COOLER AND BETTER! Actually.. it just looks COOLER with a BETTER upload program. And they did a whole remake so now it works properly... and as far as I've used... perfectly.

ed0 said...

man can u tell me how to use webstoop?? or how to register to get an index??

ed0 said...

this is wht i get:

Ookami Snow said...

well webstoop crashed and lost all my files, so i would be weary of going with them, make sure you have a back up of everything that you do.

To make things work, name your webpage index and place it in the higest level of the directroy, then it should load automatically when you go to your page.