Friday, July 28, 2006


If you would have bet me $500 this morning that I would eat dinner tonight at Perkins (one of my least favorite restaurants), you would be $500 richer right now, because I would have said that there is not way that I would eat there. Guess where I ate dinner at. Let me explain:
Today we went to Lawrence to go see Jupiter Sunrise ( music sample), a down right cool band. We were rocking out pretty good to the first band (The Finals) when about three songs into their set most of the lights in the place went out. Also there was a heavy smell of burnt plastic in the air. Since The Finals was all electric they stopped their set.
Jupiter Sunrise decided to play an acoustic set so they invited everyone (there were about 30 people at the show) onto the stage. They rocked out pretty good for three songs when the manager of the place came in and said that the show was over because they didn't know what was wrong. It turns out that they blew a transformer, which meant that the electric company had to come out and do some work.
We all milled around for a bit and then the electric company guy says that they are killing all the power to the building in fifteen minutes. So we all helped get the bands stuff packed up and back into their vans as quickly as possible. We finished up by cell phone light because we didn't get everything moved out before the power went off.
After everything got packed we all went out to Perkins to eat dinner with both of the bands. Newgen and Andrea met us there and we ended up sitting with Chris the drummer for Jupiter Sunrise and we all talked for an hour or two. It was a pretty good time. And something that I would not have predicted happening at the beginning of the day. But really isn't that the way that most really good days go?


The Math Ninja said...

I'm adding to your story.

Then on the way home, Nicole started to fell sick and when we got home she slept for a few hours and then woke up and puked. Yey Perkins.

Irene said...

It sounds like you had fun before the perkins incident. I'm sorry Nicole got sick. poor baby.