Friday, April 24, 2009

Ah, non-memories

I am closing in on 2,500 posts on my blog soon, so it doesn't surprise me that I don't remember everything I have posted. However I don't remember this at all (original post):

"One of the joys of working for a master's degree is getting to know a good amount of people that are not from America. Sometimes they shed light on subjects that I have not ever thought about.

At today's data mining class I brought the rest of my twizzlers that I had started to devour yesterday (I would have ate them all, but I only took half of them with me to class last time.) I offered some of them to my professor (from China) and a classmate (from ?). My prof. tried it and said that they were ok, and tried to get my classmate to try them as well, which she refused. Then my prof. said that: "it was good, kind of like fruit jerky, and smells like toothpaste." Well if I had never tried them before I wouldn't have after that description.

But was it true? Are twizzlers fruit jerky toothpaste mix? I smelt them, and sadly I have to admit they do kind of smell like toothpaste.

Needless to say my classmate never did try them."

I am glad I wrote stuff like that down, cause it is too funny to forget.


Callie said...

Fruit jerky? Never heard of it.

Personally, I like red vines better than twizzlers. I'm a snob like that. :-P

Have a good weekend!

Ookami Snow said...

I think it is only considered a snob if it is actually better. :)

piglet said...

i say your prof called that one pretty well.

twizzlers are awesome, my son loves them so that means they are good.

you are a good sharer with your twizzlers.

Ookami Snow said...

I am a good sharer only because I feel guilty eating the whole 2 pound bag by myself in one sitting.