Monday, April 13, 2009

Do Blind People See in Heaven?

While watching Family Guy last night I got to pondering something (everyone watches Family Guy and ponders the world at the same time, right?). The joke was that Peter was doing a magic trick for a blind crowd, and asks if he pulled out the proper card. Obviously the blind guy doesn't know what the original card was, so Peter asks if the card was red. The blind guy then yells at him "I don't even know what red is!" Ha, funny indeed.

Well for some reason I got to think about what happens when the blind guy gets to heaven, obviously he would be given the ability to see when he got there, it would be cruel to confine him to an eternity of blindness. But then I got to thinking about people that have extraordinary abilities, such as photographic memories or people that can see four primary colors. For them wouldn't our existence be of similar eternal handicap?

There are only two conclusions that I can come to. Either we go to heaven just as we are (sorry no legged buddy, you just can't make it on the hockey team in heaven), or we will be given so many extra senses that equating our current life to the afterlife would be impossible. I tend to think the latter.


Callie said...

I think we evolve into much more advanced creatures, as well.

Oh, and love the fact that you came upon these life altering realizations while watching Family Guy. Seth MacFarlane would be so proud. Or . . . possibly disturbed. Your choice.


Ookami Snow said...

Probably proud. That reminds me of the time I won a wedge of cheese for winning a dance off versus M.C. Hammer. *Zany flashback*

Heff said...

Without question, the latter. You got all that out of a short Family Guy skit ? Damn.

Ookami Snow said...

You don't think I watch Family Guy for the comedy, do you?

Dr Zibbs said...

Great blog!

Ookami Snow said...


In my mind you said that like Doc Brown and it went down something like this:

piglet said...

i'm going to agree with you on how it goes down in the afterlife. have you heard the squirrel nut zippers song, "the afterlife"? it's very cool.

family guy can be very insightful, i doubt many people acknowledge that and boy howdy are they missing out!

Ookami Snow said...

I have heard of the band, but not the song.

Swing needs to make a comeback.... again.