Thursday, July 02, 2009

2 smart 4 knives. (or the padded path to doom)

Just a reminder about banning guns: if we ban guns we will just ban knives next (because criminals will just use them instead). And we aren't just talking about big knives but I also mean steak knives. It sounds stupid but England is showing us our society without guns:

"As knife crime remains a problem in many of our towns and cities, it beggars belief that so many traders are still prepared to sell potentially lethal weapons to children," said Ron Gainsford, chief executive of the Trading Standards Institute (TSI).


Knives have become a status symbol among some young people and the increase in searching by police officers means some young people dash into shops to buy knives for "instant arming".



How about we just hold our children accountable and make them responsible. It is the child that is babied his whole life that utterly fails when grown up, the same is true for societies.


Slyde said...


Bruce said...

how about this for a solution. Since banning anything only makes them more desirable. Lets ban 'production' of new guns and then really jack up the price of ammunition. That way, those billions of guns already in circulation will become more and more precious and go up in value, making them harder to get over time. End result, if you really want one, you can get one, but it is going to cost you more and more.

dailypiglet said...

amen to that mr. snow, and i'd add that more parents need to get involved in their kids' lives.

Nej said...

Banning them only hurts those that own them legally. People who want to get their hands on them, illegally, will always be able to. Just my opinion.

And I agree with you on holding children accountable for their actions.