Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Awesome begot Awesome

Apparently Woot! had their 5th birthday yesterday, and to celebrate it a company called ChronoShark (random watch-a-day deal site) sent Woot a marching band and cupcakes:

How awesome is that?

Now the question is would the company that you work for do that, or get that from a rival? Probably not, you know why? Because companies have decided that they are in business to make money and not have fun. Woot on the other hand doesn't take things too seriously and has awesomely funny jokes and great deals. They enjoy making their money. People see that, they like it, and they treat Woot better for it.

Isn't that how we should work and live? I guess another word for it is karma, but I like the term "Awesome begot Awesome". We spend too much time just getting by and not trying to go above and beyond, we need to do that. And not to make quarterly profit totals or whatever cooperate BS companies have, we need to do it to make the world awesome. Woot does it, Chipotle does it, the business model works.


The Math Ninja said...

yes. That is most definitely awesome.

Slyde said...

thats great. i am a huge Wooter... ive spent hundreds on their crap.

still havent managed to win a bag of crap tho :(

Anonymous said...

agreed, "we need to do that". break the old mold and start anew. power to the people!

Anonymous said...

how cool is that?!! very!!! r in gc

elizabeth said...

amen... pass me a cupcake