Wednesday, November 01, 2006

5 things I learned today

1) Belarus, a country in the former Soviet Union is basically communist. They had an election a couple of years ago, the elected socialist ruler then disregarded the Constitution and suspended all further elections.

2) Everyone that has a tablet PC says that they will never go back to not having a tablet PC. This leads me to believe that if you are looking for a new computer you should consider a tablet PC.

3) Cream of chicken and wild rice soup tastes better without mushrooms than with mushrooms, and a generous dash of pepper and salt greatly improves the flavor. (I think the reason that no mushrooms is good is because the mushroom flavor overpowers the subtitle flavors of the chicken.)

4) While Photoshop can do many things, it has a hard time of completely changing the colors of a specific object while still making that object look realistic. (If you have any hints for me I would greatly appreciate it.)

5) Statistics is a field where you can basically decide how hard you want to work. If you want to take a job that is high stress you will be compensated greatly for it, but if you want an easy going job there are a decent amount of them for less (but still good) pay.

6) *Bonus* I have decided that I am done with stress. And I do not feel the need to put myself in stressful situations. The pay that I get in whatever job I fall into might not be in the 100k range, but I will also be allowed to live a good life. A fair trade if you ask me.


Michelle said...

Rhonda's going to want you to help me pick out a computer when the time comes, ie sometime around may I'm guessing. Just a little fyi, though I'm sure you knew it was coming...have a good day!

Aaron Brown said...

As for the Photoshop question, what I'd do is make a new layer over your background layer, erase everything but the object you want to change colors (on that new layer) then mess around with the tints, hues, etc.

That way atleast the shading will be consistent with what it was IRL, which is why I'm guessing if you just paint bucket the object it looks 'fake'

hockeyfrog said...

Ditto on what Aaron said about the PS stuff... although you can try to use the pen tool to trace, copy and paste into a new layer (sometimes a bit cleaner than erasing, although sometimes a lot more frustrating, depending on what you're outlining). Messing with the levels on the selected area too can help a bit.

Sorry for the late response, your livebookmark ate itself on all three compies I've got it on. It apparently just doesn't like me. :p