Monday, November 20, 2006

I am glad the week is half way over.

All it seems like I do lately is school work or hockey work. Thats not true. I have been doing many other things, but it does feel like I am busy all the time.
This weekend's hockey in Saint Louis fared about as well at K-State's football effort in Lawrence.
In better news there are only two days this week, since K-State gets off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving! woot.
So I only have one class left to teach, one class left to take, one set of notes to make, and one homework to do before the break.

(Nicole talks more about hockey, and this picture over on her blog)

p.s. Panic! At The Disco is pretty good.

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Michelle said...

did you mean to make that a poem?

See you guys tomorrow!!!! Wooooo so excited.