Friday, November 03, 2006

King Oil and the Sugar Creek Gang

I don't want many things from my childhood, mainly because I still have them all. But there are two things that I always keep an eye out for.

The first is a board game that my Grandpa (in Denver) has called King Oil. This game is what really got me into liking board games. The game is played by randomizing the oil field, and then you buy land and drill in your land to find oil. The game goes on until you break the other players or all the oil wells are drilled. I always wanted to play that game with my Grandpa when I went to visit him (and still do). Luckily he still has it all in one piece, so hopefully someday I will have it. (Really, out of everything that my grandparents in Denver have, I would be happy with just their board games...well and the next item.)

The other thing that I would really like to have is a copy of the series of books called the Sugar Creek Gang. These books are about a group of kids (all boys?) that have more than their fair share of adventures. My dad read all of the books to me as bed time story over what I would guess was couple of years. I think he read them to all of us kids, but after we grew up we passed them on to our cousins, so I have no idea of where the copy of the series that we had is now. I don't have kids of my own now, but when I do I am going to get these books to read to them.

*Side note on the books: When I was on a fishing trip in Colorado with my dad and my uncle Randy we tipped the canoe in the middle of a lake due to a very strong whirlwind, as I was flying out of the canoe an image of one of the Sugar creek book covers flashed in my head:
Now that cover is all I can remember of that incident.*
p.s. It looks like the Sugar Creek Gang is now a video series too.

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