Monday, November 13, 2006

Andy, Texas, Curry

Well in case you missed it this weekend was pretty good, so if you skipped it using your stasis chamber because you don't like Saturday or Sunday, man, I be you will be kicking yourself after you read this post. Here is three reasons why this weekend was better than, say, Monday.

1. Andy came up. Thats right Andy-man himself came up to Manhattan to rock it Eastern Kansas style.
Here we (well Aaron, Andy and Nicole) are before the start of the Texas game. We got there a couple of hours early, and it was a good thing because the student section filled up pretty quickly.

2. K-State beats Texas. It's not like people didn't like Coach Prince before, but after this game I am sure that they all will love him.

This is the only picture I got during the game. This play actually turned out to be a touchdown for the Wildcats.
This is what it was like after the game was over:

Here is the crowd pouring onto the field from the other side of the stadium. It's a better video than mine.

After the game the field was packed with people, you can't really tell from the crow in this picture, but if you look at the Jumbotron you can see how many people are on the field.

The Collegian probably has the best picture of the night:

3. Indian food night. Raj bought Nicole and I tickets to the Indian food buffet thing that the Indian Student Alliance (or something like that) does every year. This year I enjoyed the food much more.
The veggie ball on the top left of the plate was good, and also the fried thingy that you can't really see because it is covered by the half circle chippy thing was really good when dipped in the yogurt sauce, which is in the bottom right of the plate.

Rock rock on.

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