Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tacos y Salsas

Before I headed back to Manhattan I ate at the newest mexican place in Garden City, Tacos y Salsas.

The place is actually a different kind of mexican restaurant, which is good because Garden, and well, most of Western Kansas, is saturated with mexican restaurants.

So here is the low down. You get free chips (home made) when you get seated, and then you get what ever salsa or other dip that you want from the salsa bar (pictured in the crooked picture.) There was a wide variety of salsas, but all of them ranged in spice from hot to even hotter. They all tasted good, but I wish there was something that wasn't so hot. I settled on guacamole which was only hot.

The name of the place doesn't lie. With your chips and salsa you get to order tacos. You have many choices, and essentially you are ordering different meat, because everyone gets a communal toppings plate and corn shells. Also you get enough meat to feed two people, so be warned if you don't like leftovers. The tacos are good and remind me of the bbqs that we had when I was in Costa Rica.

Overall this place does well to distinguish itself in a town that has more than it's fair share of mexican places. You can get a meal for two for $13-16, including drinks (the water comes in bottles, fyi) If you are in Garden give it a try.

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