Monday, June 11, 2007

Sushi Bar: Camera on Conveyor Belt

On the internets a couple of days ago I saw a video where somebody put a camera on a sushi conveyor belt in Japan and filmed all the people as the camera passed on by. It is quite a fun video.
After watching it I thought that it would be fun to put some music to it. After messing around with Adobe Premier for a whole night (I hate that program) I got it done in Windows Movie Maker in about 15 minutes. Here it is:

Update: Charity posted this video and talks about sushi conveyor belts over on her blog (she is in Japan right now with JET.) Check it out.


hockeyfrog said...

Haha, I think that video is probably infinitely better with Rusted Root playing with it. Otherwise, its just a bunch of people slowly going by. :)

The Math Ninja said...

I agree

Big Red Lance said...

That was awesome. I agree, also.

Charity said...

And that's how it looks in Japan!
Love it. I wil put it on my blog too after eikaiwa.