Friday, June 08, 2007

London's 2012 Olympic Logo

If you haven't seen the logo for the 2012 Olympics you are missing out. It is quite a bold move. First I will show you some logos that aren't used, then I will show you the real one.

Ok, this one is good, but not used:
Not this one:
Here is my favorite:

Not used:


Not this one either:

Here is the real one:



Michelle said...

it looks like a summer soccer camp shirt or something. Is the YMCA holding the olympics that year or what?

hockeyfrog said...

Hmm. Homage to Saul Bass, anyone? However it has a striking resemblance to the Ambersandia flag...

The Math Ninja said...

I like the o-ey one. (The first one)

The Gare Bear said...

It looks something like a van in Iraq after a terrorist attack. And it certainly doesn't look like anything I would remotely associate with London. Someday I want to design crap like that and get paid for it.

Anonymous said...

I like the British flag/Olympic flame the best. The one they chose is awful, it looks like Lisa Simpson performing a sex act on someone. Take a look again and you will see what I mean!