Tuesday, August 12, 2008

nbc olympics

So far NBC's coverage of the Olympics has been good. Not only do I get a whole channel dedicated to soccer games (the channel USA is normally on) but I can watch everything live from the internet. Which gives me something to do in the down times at work.

The events that I have been paying the most attention to this year is archery, but that competition are starting to wrap up, so I'll start to have to watch soccer a bit more soon.

In case you too have some downtime at work, here is the link to NBC's internet video coverage of the Olympics.


B.E. Earl said...

I dislike the Olympics, but I love wacky sports so I wind up watching a lot.

Callie said...

I just find it kinda funny some of the things they actually consider "sports".

I do, however, love to watch the archery and the skeet shooting (did I spell that right?).

hockeyfrog said...

Being a former competitive swimmer (I kind of miss it, but don't miss practicing), I gotta go with swimming.


Ookami Snow said...

earl- Who can't pass up an Olympic game of handball?

callie- Are you saying the synchronized diving is not a sport?

hockeyfrog- Pish, go for the "greatest Olympian ever". I'm rooting the hardest for Ronda Rousey in Judo.