Monday, September 22, 2008

The Central American Super Conference

Like a soap opera there is constant talk about what colleges are thinking about leaving their conference to join another. For a couple of years there has been talk of Mizzu getting picked off to join the Big Ten, or Colorado State jumping the Mountain West ship to join their Colorado rivals in the Big XII. I have been thinking about possible solutions to the big TV contract that the Big 10 has and that the Big 12 would like to have, and here is my solution: merge the Big Ten and Big 12 into one super conference, with a big TV contract and many powerhouse teams.
I would break the Central American Super Conference into four divisions of 6 teams each, based on location. Here are the alignments:

CASC North (Prev. Conf.):
Illinois (Big Ten)
Iowa (Big Ten)
Iowa St (Big 12)
Minnesota (Big Ten)
Northwestern (Big Ten) *Notre Dame?*
Wisconsin (Big Ten)

CASC East:
Indiana (Big Ten)
Michigan (Big Ten)
Michigan St. (Big Ten)
Ohio State (Big Ten)
Penn (Big Ten)
Purdue (Big Ten)

CASC South:
Arkansas (SEC)
Texas (Big 12)
Texas A&M (Big 12)
Texas Tech (Big 12)
Oklahoma (Big 12)
Oklahoma St (Big 12)

CASC West:
Colorado (Big 12)
Colorado St (Mt. West)
Kansas (Big 12)
Kansas St. (Big 12)
Mizzu (Big 12)
Nebraska (Big 12)

The structure for a football season of a member of the Central American Super Conference would be:
3 games out of Conference
5 games inside division
3 games in other divisions (one in each other division, based on a rotating schedule)
1 floating game

The extra floating game would be used to seed the championship game, where each of the top teams in each division would play each other, the winner of which would play in the CASC Championship game (for example the North Division winner plays the East Division winner as a play in to the CASC championship game). All of the other teams in the CASC will choose who they play on the last week by draft. So the best CASC team that does not lead it's division can pick any other available CASC teams to play at home, then the next best remaining team can pick, until the final week of the season is set. This will allow teams decide what they need to get accomplished in their last week of the season, do they need to rest their players, or do they need to make a statement win? It will allow the better teams to get home field advantage and make the last week of CASC play very interesting.

Since the Big Ten and Big 12 are merging I would hope that the BCS would grant 2 BCS bowl bids to the Super Conference, so both teams that play in the CASC Championship game get into BCS bowls. The winner of the CASC Championship would almost be a shoo-in for the NCAA Championship.

Just imagine the power that the Central American Super Conference would have in sports. Especially if they could swing some sort of revenue sharing deal including TV coverage and Bowl games. The SEC would tremble in their swamping boots (and then quickly eat the ACC. Also the Pac-10 and Mountain West would merge.)

Bet we see this happen before we see NCAA football go to a playoff system.

Edit: Switched the North and East division teams to match geography, added Norte Dame as a replacement for Northwestern. There is possibly a better spot for Notre Dame in the East, but that would take a bit of team shuffling.


B.E. Earl said...

I like it.

But I'd like to see Notre Dame added instead of Colorado State. It's time for ND to join a conference and with 11 teams in the Big 10 (duh), regional just makes sense.

Braveharte said...

I oppose this system. Mainly because the east teams are west of the north teams. Now, if you reversed it so that the Minnesota group was north and the Penn/Ohio teams were east, then I'd be okay with it.

Ookami Snow said...

Earl- Including Notre Dame was one on my original thoughts, but none of the divisions came out nicely then. I guess Northwestern could get kicked, and that would make the spot.

Braveharte- Op, you are right, on my pad of paper that I was working things out on, I have the order mixed up, so I typed it up wrong. I'll get that fixed.

B.E. Earl said...

I'd probably move Illinois and Notre Dame to the East and Michigan & Michigan St. to the North, but only if Michigan and OSU could play every year somehow.

Ookami Snow said...

My thought is to kick Northwestren, move Indiana to the North, and then place Notre Dame in the East.

Neel Mehta said...

Since the Big Ten and Big 12 are merging I would hope that the BCS would grant 2 BCS bowl bids to the Super Conference, so both teams that play in the CASC Championship game get into BCS bowls.

Uh, if you had the power to merge the Big XII and Big Ten, why wouldn't you use that power to also create a playoff system? Just a thought.

The Gare Bear said...

Have you considered submitting this idea to the NCAA or Big 12 conferences? I kind of like the idea and I still like the idea of having a system of choosing a national champion in some logical way. The thing with the TV contracts is that they have got to be on some standard channel -- because I'm not paying big bucks or even little bucks to have a college football TV channel. I don't care about it that much even though I'm an avid K-State Wildcats supporter.

Big Red said...

Notre Dame is too much foa a bunch of Prima Donna's with their "Independent Status" to join a conference. It's too bad, becaue they should join one.

The only problem is that already belong to a conference, The Big East, sort of. They don't have to share any money with the Big East, but they can take away Big East bowl bids if they want to. It's a total crock.

Best teams to add to the Big 12:
1. Arkansas
2. Texas Christian
3. Colorado State