Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Soul Smothered Food

Mrs. Hall got me thinking more about cooking and eating out. I do like eating out but I also like to cook, but besides a few family recipes that I have learned growing up I wasn't too impressed with the food that I could make at home. That was before I found the third most important website in the internet: AllRecipes.com. (#1 is Google, #2 is Wikipedia)

AllRecipes is a recipe warehouse that instantly makes all cookbooks obsolete. There are thousands of recipes and for each specific dish there are many versions of it. For example there are 121 recipes for peanut butter cookies. Now that many recipes might sound overwhelming but this is where AllRecipes really shines, all of the recipes are open to rating and reviews. That means that the good versions rise to the top and the mediocre fall by the wayside. Not only that but the reviewers almost always have a couple of suggestions that make the dish even better.
Ever since we have found this website our cookbook purchases have gone down and the amount of awesome food produced in the kitchen has gone way up.

To get you started on your new path to cooking glory here are a couple of my recent favorites from the website:
Soul Smothered Chicken - Simple chicken dish that is awesome over mashed potatoes.
Orange and Lentil Soup - A very easy soup that I could eat day after day.
Ultimate Twice Baked Potatoes - They aren't healthy but they are yummy.



B.E. Earl said...

Whenever I need a recipe, AllRecipes is the first place I go. It's a great cooking tool.

Slyde said...

it looks like a great site, but its lost on me... im lucky to be able to boil water..