Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween used to be the holiday that I would look forward to the most right after Christmas. I think that I really liked doing the decorating for the holiday and then there was trick-or-treating to get excited about. Recently Thanksgiving has taken the number two spot in my mind, but Halloween is still fun.

When I was growing we would follow basically the same routine for Halloween night. We would eat dinner at the normal time, which as I have learned is early for most people. While eating we would get our first trick-or-treaters at our door. After dinner we would get dressed up and get out the door around sunset. Either my mom or dad would go with my sisters and I around the block and neighboring blocks. Then we would walk down to my grandparents house and trick-or-treat along the way (her house was about half a mile away. After visiting my grandmas we would get picked up in our car and we would go around to my family's friends and trick or treat at their houses. We would end up with a large bag full of candy, which was a good haul for one night, but we didn't overdo it either.

As far as I can remember we had basically free reign to our candy when we got home, which actually didn't disappear all that quickly, I know that I would hide my candy and eat it throughout the year, and I would even have to throwout the old candy that was left when I put the new batch in the same place. (Stupid orange and black peanut butter things.)
When I got a bit older we would play candy poker which is just poker with candy as the chips, having designated values for each candy. We would get to keep the candy that we would win, so after a couple of high pot rounds one of us would get gun-shy and not bet anymore candy and the game would end.

My favorite costume that I can remember is when my mom made me a Link costume (from the Legend of Zelda). The part that I like the best was the shield that she made for me which rocked. I have heard that I dressed up like Pac-Man which was a good costume, but I don't remember wearing it. So it doesn't count.

The problem that I have now is that I don't get excited for Halloween until a couple of days before, recently it has been so hot still that it still feels to early in the year for it. But this year it got nice and cool so the holiday felt correct. Also, we carved some rockin pumpkins this year, which may account for way I am more excited about it this year than the last couple. (Also we got to dress up for work.)


B.E. Earl said...

So what did you dress up as?

I love Halloween season. I hate to limit it to one day. Scary movies, pumpkins, pumpkin's all good.

This year we walked the neighborhood with my nephew and my girlfriend's family with a cooler of beer. It was fabu!

Anonymous said...

How about putting some pictures of the rockin pumpkins on your blog? love R in GC

Dr Zibbs said...

Link. Good one.

elizabeth said...

Pics of the pumpkins?? I wish I could dress up for work!

Ookami Snow said...

earl - I went as... a wizard (see the next post). Is pumpkin beer good?

R in GC- Ask and you shall receive.

dr zibbs- The only problem was that I was drawn in to many bits.

liz - you can dress up for Halloween at work, just don't tell anyone you are dressed up, and act like it is normal for you to wear a mucha-lucha mask.