Saturday, May 20, 2006

Da Vinci (Code [Review])

Well I wasn't going to get into this now, but my last minute looking at others ratings before I went to bed got me in the mood to post about this movie now, so now is when I will post about it.

So first things first. Take everything I say about movies with a grain of salt, because apparently I have a completely different taste in movies than the rest of the population of America. For example: I though V for Vendetta was crap-poor of a movie, and I think Moulin Rouge is one of the most brilliant films ever made. That is not really how most of the people in the world think about those movies, but it is what i feel about them. Secondly I never read The Da Vinci Code. So what i will tell you here is only about the movie, not about the book. That's how movie reviews are suppose to go... many movie critics failed to remember that.

Ok, so how was the movie? Well if I had to summarize it in four letters it would be: Good. It really is a good movie. I really can't say much about the plot because of spoilers, but I will say that it is a very satisfying story, with only a couple of disappointing parts. (Don't read on if you don't want any hints on anything in the movie. I won't blurt out anything, but if you can crack codes like Tom Hanks then you might not want to read on.)

First the disappointing parts (without giving things away...hopefully). My biggest peeve was 'apple'. Ugh. That made me mad. I doubt that would really be it. Anyways. The other thing i don't really like isn't something having to do with the movie, but stuff like that in general. It has to do with finding the Holy Grail to disprove Divinity, I really don't see how it would...

Now the things i liked. First the movie had many twists and puzzles that were fun to watch being solved. This leads to my second thing that I really liked about the movie. They showed how thinking works visually really well (the planets for example... for yous that have seen the movie). To me that is almost how I think about things and the effect really impressed me. It was sort of like how 'Beautiful Mind' showed how he found patterns, but a bit more refined. (Same guy that did Beautiful Mind did this movie.) The actors did a good job playing their parts, and were believable. I found the movie very entertaining to watch, and there really weren't any parts besides 'apple' that I really said "wait just a minute!" and was brought out of the world that they were creating in the movie.

Well, like I said, overall that movie was good, and worth a full price ticket to go see. I really think the critics are way off in saying that this movie is mediocre, and the religious zealots really shouldn't have any beef with this movie... unless they *are* hiding things... hummm. But then again my taste in movies seems to be way off of others so you should just go and see the movie and judge it yourself.

In anycase it got me +325 P:BSE points. ^_^


Braveharte said...

It's interesting that you perceived the Holy Grail as lost divinity. From reading the book, I perceived it as the possibility of continuing divinity.

Ookami Snow said...

I don't. They siad it in the movie. I think it has no effect on divinity.

Anonymous said...

The movie sucked. I was thoroughly disgusted with it, it was just all wrong. V for Vendetta was a million times better. so there :p Code set the answer in your lap - as disappointing as it were; while V was a story about an answer and left you with a riddle.