Tuesday, May 09, 2006


When I have work to do in the morning I tend to end up at Radina's, Manhattan's bestest coffee shop. Recently I have noticed that there is a fair amount of regulars that seem to always be there. It is quite funny to watch their interactions, because it almost seems like an episode of Cheers. Today was a great episode.

Apparently today was one of the regular's husband's birthday, so he was going to meet up her at the shop. Word got around that it was his birthday, and so another guy got everyone in the room to be ready to sing happy birthday when he showed up. (Imagine this as a Cheers episode; it really happened like it was on the show.) When the guy opened the door to the coffee shop the whole store starts singing happy birthday. He didn't change the expression on his face and walked back out of the shop, and grabbed a newspaper to read until the song was over. Then he came back in the shop, and everyone (as if rehearsed) waited until he walks all the way to the line to order his drinks and sings him happy birthday again. (Which he stuck around for this time.)

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