Monday, May 22, 2006


Dumbolf ("game")

Say that you are afflicted with the illness that the doctors call "a will to live". I bet that if the medical community were aware of this game it would prescribe it to all aforementioned patients. Dumbolf is a "game" where you are playing golf in a side scrolling sort of way. It is actually a really good idea. But the levels, oh the levels, they are painfully hard. I wanted to stop playing many times, but I fought the urge to kill something and finished the game. My reward? A score of 1. Righteous!

So if you think that playing a game would be better than actually doing work on Monday, give this game a shot, you'll be doing work in no time!

p.s. My stroke total was 151, they don't total that for you, they give you an overall score instead.


The Math Ninja said...

I got a score of 1 also. But my strokes were a glorious 172. So haha, I beat...

Ike said...

My beef is with the scoring system. Apparently pars are graded better than birdies and eagles.

I have a screen cap of a 50. That's 25 under par, and by far my best round. Yet my score was only 60K. (It was a single sitting, and I played straight through to minimize the time.)

How can the leaderboard be populated with people in the 210K range?

I don't get it.