Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Katamari rocks

I helped Maria moved out of her apartment the other day, and in the shuffle I offered to house her PS2 at my place, for free of course. (Needles to say she was very happy to find a place that would store her Play Station without charge. ^_^) So, now during my brakes in my day I have been playing Katamari Damacy. And let me tell you; if you have never played this game you are missing out, big time. It is one seemingly drug induced video game extravaganza where you roll things up into a ball. If you don't believe me that the game was made by people who were on drugs check out the opening:

Does that not rock?


hockeyfrog said...


Braveharte said...

I feel high just watching that.

Ookami Snow said...

You need to pick up the game. The dialogue in the game is just as good. And it is actually a very fun game to play as well.

(I'll make Pickle play it when he comes down.)