Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Live like it is 40 degrees outside

I live in an apartment complex that has a fair amount of kids, but since the is housing for graduate students alot of these kids are not from America, and I have noticed that many families come from areas that do not have snow. So when there is snow the kids make things with the snow but they do not make the stereotypical snow objects. For example on my way to school today I noticed that someone had built a couple of these snowmound people. I really wouldn't have realized that they were people except that they all had different hats on, and some sort of mouth. This snowmound-man caught my attention in particular, mainly because of his Happy Birthday hat. The snowmound people might not have long to live, but they sure know how to party.

***Edit: I just zoomed in on the picture to see what the arms are made of, I though that they were carrots. They aren't. ^_^***

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