Thursday, January 11, 2007

Colgate 360 -the toothbrush Jesus must have used

Now I do not often find dental hygiene as a reason for a blog post, but then again I have only had my teeth cleaner from the gods for only a couple of days. Of what do I speak of? Well the Colgate 360 of course. I received it for Christmas in my stocking and despite its outer appearance of just a normal toothbrush, it was a gift that only Santa* could have bestowed onto me.
Why is this specific bush for the teeth so good? Well for one it cleans the teeth in about a third of the time of a normal toothbrush, really, it does. And even though the toothbrush packs a punch in brushing power it does not feel like a plastic hotdog in your mouth, it is quite nimble, and very ergonomically designed. Finally the makers at Colgate have thrown in a special gift, a tongue cleaner on the back.
Let me tell you, if you are in the market to buy a new toothbrush, take a look at the Colgate 360, you too will find it a reason to celebrate it in blog post form.

*Santa as played by Nicole's mom.

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