Sunday, January 28, 2007

Elephant in the way.

I grade alot of tests so I know this answer is worth more than zero points.
That should be worth at least 2 points.


Cass said...

LOL, I completely agree. That's at least a 2 pointer

The Gare Bear said...

Don't you just hate it when an elephant gets into your physics test. Worse than having one in a china closet. How does the elephant stand up -- it's a frictionless surface. Were any elephants harmed in the making of this test question? Gives me an idea though for introducing an innovative way of making tests more fun and really measuring a student's ability to assimilate the information. Have the student add a part onto the test question, then provide an answer to that part -- or, based on that test question, have the student propose a similar or expanded question for a similar test in the future -- say for another class or for an upcoming final. Said student gets extra credit in proportion to value of the question and answer.