Friday, January 12, 2007


Let me tell you about something that really bugs me: changing passwords. I really dislike it when "the man" makes me change my password. They say it is for security, I say it is so that they can stay in control. That way when I forget my new password I have to go back to them and ask them for a new one. They like that, I know they do, that is why they have me change my password. It obviously isn't for security. Because keeping things secure wouldn't require me to write down my password.
Now I actually do not write down my passwords... yet. The reason is because I rotate between four major and a fifth "trash" password. But that pattern is going to have to stop because today when I had to change my password I could not use my old password for my new password (hey it's worth a shot) or any of my last 24 (!!!) passwords. That is ridiculous, uncalled for, and as it has been said before, frankly that dog will not hunt.

IT guys you have been warned, let me keep my passwords that I remember and do not give out, or else I will be forced to remove the space bar from every computer that you reign with your iron fist of "security".

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