Friday, January 26, 2007

La Fiesta

Tonight we checked out the new restaurant in Manhattan called La Fiesta. It was pretty good, and a very good value. I recommend it. *Edit: A better review below*

Afterwards we headed to the movies to watch Pan's Labyrinth. The movie is a good one, worth the movie ticket price. I recommend that too.

Edit: This post is getting alot of hits from people searching La Fiesta, Manhattan KS, 66502, or there abouts, so i feel that I owe the people that are looking for a review at least a few details about the place.

La Fiesta is a surprisingly cheap (say $7-8 a person) traditional Mexican food restaurant. They have alot of things to choose from and they include all the normal Mexican food dishes. La Fiesta isn't like On the Border or Carlos O'Kelly's, it has more of a traditional Mexican flavor, much like Los Potrillos. I would have to say that La Fiesta is the best Mexican in Manhattan right now with Hill Side Cafe, and Los Potrillos being second and third.

I might be a bit biased, I grew up in Garden City Kansas, which has alot of Mexican food joints. La Fiesta is no where close to the best Mexican food on the planet -El Charro (RIP), but it fits right in there with the good home style kind of Mexican food. I plan to go back.

In short: La Fiesta has Coke, you get free chips and salsa (the salsa is good, and the chips are fresh). It costs about $15 for two people to eat there and is probably the best Mexican in Manhattan.


Michelle said...

Why do mexican restaraunts always have to have rediculous chairs..

morEya said...

i don't know if this place is a chain or not, but a place in wichita over by mom looks JUST just like this place... same chairs, cups, ugly green walls.... maybe

Anonymous said...

i love la fiesta. for as cheap as it is, and as much food as you get it think it's a great place. although, i've had much better luck during the day than at night. p.s. i love the chairs!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I tried it here and thought it was awful!! I waited in line for 25 min just to pay my bill!!! Los Petrillos is MUCH better!

Anonymous said...

holy crap....the charro is dead?! i used to eat there when i'd visit family out there....that friggin sucks!!
and la fiesta rocks. it's cheap and a nice change from all the tex-mex places that are around here.

Anonymous said...

First: I completely agree with all those who say it is the best mexican in town b/c it just simply is. I have also had the pleasure of seeing the kitchen and it is one of the cleanest i've seen.
Second: To the woman who said Los Potrillos is better first of all dont comment on something you cant spell correctly and second you must not like seasoning and prefer your food as bland as can be much like elderly people which may very well be you. And third if you have to wait in line that is a sign its good - who wants to eat at a place that has no one dining there. If its good every one goes thats just common sense.
And last: Who is this person in the picture?

Ookami Snow said...

The person in the picture is my brother-in-law Chris.

Anonymous said...

i have worked in the la fiesta in abilene.. there are many things that go on in the kitchen that is just wrong! its not the best!