Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve eve

So how was your Christmas Eve eve? Mine was pretty good.

Today started off bright and early around noon. So we all (Me, Nicole, Maria, and Nicole’s mom) got ready quickly and off to eat some lunch… by 3 or so. It had been a while since any of us had ate at Jason’s Deli, so that is were we decided to eat.

It turned out to be better than I expected. It's no Panera, but it is better than Subway. (If you go there get a potato, they are huge!)

After lunch we went around town getting various things for xmas. Nothing too special at the stores but there was another good sunset.

After we got done shopping for the humans we stopped by a couple pet stores to get a present for Dakoda (Maria's dog). We had decided that a dog bed would be a good present we just didn't know which one to get. Maria to the rescue!

First up was a big red pillow:

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That one doesn't look too bad...

But there were many more beds to try out. Next we thought a small walled bed would be a good one for Dakoda. How did Maria Fair with it?

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..It looks a little small...

...So maybe she should try a bigger dog bed:

That one looks like a winner... except Dakoda might chew up the sides of it. So maybe we should go with a flat bed after all..

This one looks good, but how does it feel?

I think that means Maria doesn't like it.

By now Maria is an expert in dog beds, so when we found one the looked like a winner we still made sure Maria would give it her seal of approval.

There you have it, the dog bed that we ended up not getting. (It was too expensive, but Maria really liked it, a future birthday gift for her maybe?)

Well all that bed testing worked up quite an appetite for Maria, if only there was something to eat at the pet store... Oh look! Some bulk dog treats, Maria may be taking the dog testing a bit too far...

OK, obviously she was getting into this dog testing role too far, so I stepped in, and made sure that I got it on video:

Maria's official comment on it was: “It's not that bad." Which translates to: “Why did I just do that?"

Well after the pet store we need something to wash down the dog treats, and nothing goes better with dog food than juice. So we stopped by Smoothie King and had some smoothies (It was comparable to Intajucie, if you have ever been there...)

(Nicole approves)

After the juice we grabbed some food at Target to fix (chicken, asparagus and couscous). After dinner we sat around and played Katamari. (Nicole’s mom bought it from BestBuy tonight for something fun to do.)

Now everyone is in bed and I am playing on the computer and enjoying the Christmas season.

Welp, I'm off to bed too.
Have a good Christmas Eve.

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