Tuesday, December 06, 2005

PIFF Week 13 All-Stars

Pos Player Pts Team
QB C. Palmer 15 Rebels
RB L. Johnson 21 Picklers
WR1 K. Robinson 9 Kilters
WR2 T. Houshman..8 Steepers
WR3 H. Ward 7 Vampirates
TE C. Cooley 4 Vampirates
K N. Kaeding 6 Vampirates
DEF Seattle 28 Steepers
DB T. McGee 3 &'s
DL1 D. Freeney 5 Rebels
DL2 M. Strahan 4 Vampirates
Coach Aaron 93% Rebels

Total All-Stars so far:
Snotknockers 19
Steepers 19
Rebels 19
Pillagers 16
Picklers 16
RedBurns 15
&'s 15
Vampirates 14
Kilters 12
Eldars 10


The Math Ninja said...

Ack! I am no longer sole 1st placer of all-stars! ah!

Aaron Brown said...

Whohoo, coach of the week. Atleast I have the satisfaction of knowing that losing by a crapload was completely out of my control :)

Good win by the way :)