Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The coolest thing ever!

I searched for "the coolest thing ever" on Technorati because i did not know what the 'coolest thing ever' was. This is what i discovered:

Thayir sadam (without which a meal would never be complete)

Feet (all the bloomin’ time!)

The Hudson Bar (it really gets bumpin' on a Saturday night)

Seahawks (and you're right)

Google toolbar spell check (well, minus dippin dots)

This Video (If I could ever be this cool)

iPod (YES it does also play video)

If i ruled every day at twelve o clock an oldies song would start blaring then everyone performs a secronized dance (a HAPPY one obviously)

A rubber chicken (the box says turkey, but we know it's not)

Real working 3d laser projected displays (similar to holographic)

Sms-ing (a major part of so many cultures)

There you have it, the coolest things ever. (The quotes in the brackets is from the post, not from me.)
Hurray for procrastination!

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Anonymous said...

lol ......cool