Tuesday, December 20, 2005

PIFF Playoffs

It's playoff time in the land of the Pirate Islands. The Championship bracket looks like a tough one:

The defending champions Rebels come in with the #1 seed and they are matched up against the late surging Steepers. The ever-strong &'s are matched up against the once powerhouse Vampirates, but due to injuries, have been slipping in the standings.

The Consolation bracket pits the Pillagers, who just missed the Championship playoffs against the Kilters, who barley eked their way into the Consolation playoffs. The dominating Picklers are matched up against the losers of 6 straight, Snotknockers.

The Red Burns and Eldars packed up their equipment for the year and are enjoying the holidays.


The Math Ninja said...

you know what's rubbish...losing 6 straight!

newgen said...

so's going 3-11-1