Monday, December 12, 2005

Shut Down Wikipedia! (site)

Our intention and the purpose of this website is multi-fold. Specifically, we seek to achieve the following:

* Expose the inherent faults and flaws of the Wikipedia online encyclopedia.
* Force Wikimedia Foundation Inc., through legal action, to change its current practices that permit anyone to post content to their website, without formal attribution and without recourse back to Wikimedia Foundation and or the author of the content.
* Recover substantial monetary damages, on behalf of those who have suffered as a direct result of Wikimedia's flawed business model.
* Establish a precedent that will ensure similar websites are held responsible for their content.

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1 comment:

Big Red Lance said...

Wikipedia is the absolute best thing on the internet.

The "busy-bodies" just love to curtail people freedoms b/c someone might abuse them.

At first, when someone told me what Wikipedia was, I thought, "No Way will something like this work."

But just look at it. It's self-policing. If an issue is big enough and someone notices an error, it will get fixed. It gets the job done. It works.