Thursday, December 15, 2005

Point: Campus Crusade for Christ.

Among all the groups and clubs at K-State is an organization called Campus Crusade for Christ. I believe they are one of the bigger Christian organizations on campus. Usually groups on campus do some sort of stupid thing to bring attention to themselves. That way they can better the world in their own self-contrived way. So what has Campus Crusade done during finals week to get attention?

They gave out hot chocolate, candy, blue books, pencils, and hugs, for free, to anyone passing by them in the quad.

What?!? A campus organization doing something to help others instead of just bringing attention to themselves? I hope other organizations on campus realize this is a much better way to get attention than picketing, or making billboards, or whatever other non-constructive things they do.

Campus Crusade, you guys rock.


The Math Ninja said...

Even hugs!!

Michelle said...

Awww I *heart* KState. The free hugs part is funny