Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Accidents people have not died from

So far there is no google results for:
- "died in a flashdance accident"
- "died in a translation accident"
- "died in a painting accident"
- "died in a school of hard knocks accident"
- "died in a statistics accident"

But there are now 39,200 results for
"died in a blogging accident"

(If you don't already know XKCD is el capitan de awesome.)


Think Frustrated said...

Yes, I love XKCD. I'm going to tribue him on my site by putting up stick-figure cartoons. However, he is the master.

I think the "died in a blogging accident" and it's Google ranking are intentionally out there so we will keep typing it in and making it the most searched term on Goooooogle.

Spinning Girl said...


Sha said...

Curses - I've only just cottoned on to this game and people like you are messing up my search results! ;-)