Friday, January 11, 2008

Henna for sale

Poking around Blogger I found this blog where a henna artist post all of the artwork that she does. It was a plesent change from the normal random blog.

I don't have a reason to get this done... and it is kinda girly, but it looks pretty sweet.


Think Frustrated said...

Henna...the original Temporary Tattoo.

Some of the pictures there looked like they had big clumps of mud on the tips of their fingers and toes. Then, it said, "Bride," and showed a woman with an elaborate henna design on her hands and feet, but big clumps of mud (or something) on the tips of her fingers and toes. I'm not saying it's weird, but it is not usual.

Ookami Snow said...

I think that the henna artist puts henna on the end of a the fingers and toes that she does... I can't tell if I like it, but it looks alot better after the henna is washed off, although it does stain the fingernails which I think looks bad.