Friday, January 25, 2008

Out of Earshot

I overheard this conversation as I was walking out of my building on campus:

Guy, As he walks into the building: Hey what are you doing here? I must be stalking you.

Girl, Standing in front of the building: You must be.

Guy, all the way inside the building: You wouldn't be that lucky.

The girl didn't hear him say that because he was too far in the building, but I could still hear him. I don't think he wanted her to hear it anyways because he trailed off his sentence as if to say: "Why do I say the stupidest things to girls?"

Sometimes it works out better for both parties when the full conversation is missed.


Kat said...

That guy doesn't get laid enough but likes to pretend the opposite.

Tuba Queen said...

Thats a winner