Monday, January 14, 2008

Steampunk versus Clockwork

I am always on the look out for the "next big thing". For the past couple of years the Pirates versus Ninja battle has raged on, and the winner looks like Pirates. So I have kept my eyes peeled for the next battle, and here are some of the possibilities:

Steampunk vs. Clockwork - This one is my favorite, one group derives power from steam versus another that makes intricate machines powered by winding. They are both really cool, but maybe too close to be an easily divided fight.

Vikings vs. Aztecs - A couple years ago it looked like the vikings were coming on, but not much happened from it. I think if they get paired against the Aztecs (Mayans/Incas) it may be the opponent they needed, the problem is that Aztecs and Vikings may be too different from one another. And Aztecs may not be glamorous enough to get people on their side.

Vampires vs. Vampire Hunters - This seems like a natural rivalry, but it really doesn't get much play. But think about it both are generally thought to be really cool, yet both are enemies. You can't loose if you pick either side they are both just awesome.

So keep your eyes peeled and see if any of these rivalries pop up. It might take awhile, but as the Pirate vs. Ninja thing dies out something will take its place.

Bonus: While I am on the topic of following current trends I would like to get everyone caught up with the latest fruit trends: Awhile ago it was Peach, then a few years ago Mango was the big new fruit flavor, then not too long ago Pomegranate made a showing, and currently Acai is the hot fruit.

My pick for the next hot fruit is Goji, although I could see Rhubarb make a run for it. (But rhubarb isn't a fruit, so it shouldn't count.) If you see any Goji fruit drinks let me know, also if you have a pick for the next hot fruit or versus battle throw me a comment.


Think Frustrated said...

Shit, if you see any rhubarb drinks, let me know. When I was a kid, strawberry-rhubarb pie was like communion.

Re: Vampires vs. vampire hunters. I think there are more vampires than hunters, based solely on watching vampire movies. I'd be willing to bet that vampires are ahead in that one.

tinyhands said...

I think the Aztecs (Mayans, really) are still reeling from that whole Mel Gibson 'Apocalypto' debacle.

Also, I'm glad you left 'Blade' out of the Vampire/Hunter rivalry. Nobody needs hybrids muddying the waters.

Finally, I'd personally like to see an elderberry resurgence but, when it comes to fruits and vegetables, the Chinese don't mess around. You may be right about Goji.

hockeyfrog said...

Oooh you're wrong about the next big fruit. Lychee, thats where its at.

Kat said...

Pears are it.

The Math Ninja said...

Ah, yes, lychee. I have seen that around some. But it's like an underground fruit. I don't know that it'll ever be mainstream.

Ookami Snow said...

Yeah Lychee is old hat. It got a big push awhile ago (couple of years ago).

Oh also Loganberry used to be big. What ever happened to that one?

elizabeth said...

I have a hard enough time eating "normal" fruit... sheesh.... makes my brain hurt.

Spinning Girl said...

I have to look for both Goji and Acai, because

1. I have never heard those 2 words before and

2. I have no idea what they might taste like!

Ookami Snow said...

elizabeth: All these new fruits are called "super fruits" so I think one dose of Acai is worth 10-15 doses of other fruit. I'm not really a doctor though, so my made up claims of dose level may be wrong.

spinning girl: Acai is being made into alot of juices these days, check out the "specialty juice" section of you grocery store... ours is by the produce.