Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Bowl Cookies

For the last couple of years now we make cookies for the Super Bowl. Each year we pick out two different cookies recipes and frost them like the teams that are in the Super Bowl. The idea is that the team that tasted better would be the team that would win. And actually it worked every year except for last year, the Bears cookies tasted better than the Colts, even though the Colts won. Also, once a team has a recipe we always use that recipe for the team, so this year we already had a recipe for the Patriots, but we had to find a new one for the Giants. Here are the recipies for this year:

New England Patriots Super Bowl Cookie recipe

New York Giants Super Bowl Cookie recipe

The rules for eating the cookies are: You must eat a cookie of the team that just scored in the game, but not for extra points. If you are sick of cookies, too bad, you still must eat the cookie if the team scores.

I generally make about 6 cookies for each team for each person at the Super Bowl party, which is usually way more than what is needed, but leftover sugar cookies aren't bad.

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