Friday, February 15, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008 Update

It is getting closer to the start of the search for My New Favorite Blog 2008, and I just wanted to update you on the progress. So far I have 11 out of the 36 spots filled from suggestions, so if you know of any blog that should be included in the competition let me know.

On Monday I will get the brackets set up and then on Thursday or Friday I will start checking up on the blogs. Remember that this is a double elimination bracket, so if you get beat one week you are still in the hunt. I can not tell you what a good blog post is, it will chance from week to week. I will be very subjective on which blog wins each time, it will really depend on my mood, sometimes I will be in the mood to laugh sometimes I will be in the mood to ponder ideas, sometimes randomness wins.

Again if you know of some good blogs either email me, or post a comment.


elizabeth said...

well. duh. Mine of course. I've been at this for years - I outta make a list somewhere...doncha tink?

Kat said...

I second, third and fourth her motion.

Ookami Snow said...

I'll add it to the competition.