Thursday, February 07, 2008

PHD Comics

After grading something important for my class (a paper or a test or whatever) this is exactly how it goes:

It's good to see that undergrads Nationwide are not as smart as they should be, not just here in Kansas.

The other reason I bring up this comic is because today I just found out about PHD Comics. They are drawn by a professor in Tulane and they are pretty funny. I travel the winding road of the internet many times a day, and it always has new things for me to discover. That is why the internet is so sweet, I may think that I have found everything of note already, but I haven't, I just need to look harder.


The Math Ninja said...

Is it really a good thing to see that there is a whole nation of underwhelming undergrads?

But that comic is very true. Except the hours. I think it's more like, the first hour, the second hour, the third hour and the 4th hours. It happens rather fast.

Ookami Snow said...

Well I was thinking back to when I had to give out projects to do, it took forever to make sure everything was right in each project...

That is why I started to mark off points if the students didn't tell me who was their group partner so I could check their math all at once.

But i bet for English classes this is an everyday occurrence.

Kat said...

People never really grow up. They just get better at bullshitting. Well, some of them anyhow. ;o)

G3T Films said...

Which is why everyone should get a fail. Sure it ruins lives and the bell curve but at least it makes marking a hell of a lot easier.

Funny, that's the same reason I hate the Internet... damn, humans finally invented the ultimate time waster!

Ookami Snow said...

@kat- yeah and BSing is how the students get through their lives at college, except I teach Statistics, and there isn't too much BS you can do.

@g3t- I have been tempted to say at the start of the semester that everyone has an F in the class, and they have to earn a passing grade.