Thursday, March 06, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008, Round 2 Lower Bracket: Pairings 25-28

Now we have the first pairings from the second chance brackets.

25. Madge vs. A Haiku For No One
Madge has a couple of books to read on her "to read list" (go figure). Also she doesn't want to admit it but she had a very good time doing line dances at a wedding that she was at recently. The best part is when it goes from one side to the next. The Haiku for the week is:

The copy machine
Throws off radiation and
Small puffs of toner.

and is titled Xerox Blues. Lately I haven't been having problems with our copier in the office but our printer is being a real pain.
Winner: A Haiku For No One

26. Cheezy's Blog vs. Mini-Obs
Cheezy celebrated with his friend who just became a British citizen by going out and eating curry. He also decided to celbrate so much that he pour food down his shirt and he lost his debit card. It must have been one awesome curry party. Cheezy also shares with us the music of Hot Chip, a band from the 80's that gets to sing to us in the present day. Natalie on Mini-Orbs is celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary by telecommute, or at least not in the same city as her husband. She also posts some articles about why a woman should get married. It is important for girls to remember that they need to marry well. And marring well does not just mean he has alot of money now, but that we will always be able to get money. Also it is not worth dating a guy who is always late.
Winner: Cheezy's Blog

27. Not just nouns & verbs vs. Gledwood Vol 2
Melanie on Not just nouns and verbs sounds like she is having a bad day. She has to clean her small apartment alot due to there being alot of toys and there isn't much apartment. She also is feeling rejected and seems like she is in need of simplifying her life. Maybe she just needs a hug. Gledwood seems like he is having an even worse day and conveys his feelings with some dark imagery. To counter this he also has pictures of is hamsters posted. Quite the pair of postings.
Winner: Not just nouns & verbs

28. Falling On A Bruise vs. No touch Monkey!
Lucy on Falling on a Bruise discussed the problem that is brewing over in Israel with the Israelis and the Hamas. She doesn't like Hamas but she also can not condone whet the Israelis are doing. To lighten the mood she discusses Russia and their "election" of Putins buddy. I think that one will turn out a-ok. No touch monkey had a dream about Pink Floyd during which he bletlenlty disregards the direct orders of the great Pink Floyd. Also there is the music video for Jump and The Blind Boys of Alabama doing Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground.
Winner: Falling On A Bruise


Natsthename said...

Well, thanks for the mention anyway.

Cheezy's cooler anyway.

Cheezy said...

I'm not sure about that, Nat. In the words of Millhouse from 'The Simpsons':

"My Mom says I'm cool!"

Ookami Snow said...

@Nats- sorry to knock you out of the competition, the field is real rough this year.

Cheezy- Is that like "We started out like Romeo and Juliet, but it ended up in tragedy."
ah Millhouse.