Monday, March 31, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008, Round 4 Lower Bracket: Pairings 45-48

And then I said: "let there be more blog reviews!" And there was. And it was good.

45. A Haiku For No One vs. Intergalactic Gladiator
The Haiku for the week is called Formations:

Snow falling in March.
Somewhere, a marching man trips
And falls in the snow.

We have been having pretty cool weather ourself here in Kansas, not snow weather, but we have been only getting highs in the 50's for a couple of weeks now, usually we atleast get one or two warm days thrown in there (like in the 70's). The Intergalactic Gladiators take some time and find out who were separated at birth. We find out that Powers Boothe and Craig T. Nelson, Amy Winehouse and Keith Richards, and The Daewoo symbol and a jockstrap are all separated at birth. Is there anything that computers can't do?
Winner: A Haiku For No One

46. Not just nouns & verbs vs. Present Simple
Melanie not just uses words and nouns but also uses song lyrics for her post. She has recently found the artist Eric Hutchinson and is all about the music. He sounds a bit like Jason Mraz, but a bit more... produced. The BadAunt Present Simple had a conversation with someone after they had an epiphany while going to the bathroom. The topic of the toilet-enlightenment was mu, and apparently I am not the only person that thinks of cows, and not nothing, when I hear about mu.
Winner: Present Simple

47. White rabbit vs. The Bingo Caller Of Love
Andrew on White rabbit is muttering something about ASBOs and deleting comments from blogs... I think I missed something in the week or so I have been away. Badger Daddy (his friends call him the Bingo Caller, of love) has planned a badminton/disco birthday party for his daughter, complete with karaoke. I think it might be the first time in history that Disco and badminton has been paired in a party. He is also sitting pretty in his new chair now that he has found out which way forward means.
Winner: The Bingo Caller Of Love

48. Leisure Pursuit vs. Kate Smudges In Earth, Paint and Life
Leisure Pursuitist Valerie does a quit run-down of American Idol and then moves onto big news: Britney Spears acted in a TV show -and she wasn't horrible. Valerie even was expecting to hate it but it turns out that Britney did pretty well. Who wouldda thunk it? Kate talks about changes that are occurring on her blog. She recently moved from Blogger to TypePad and started to think about what she wanted to do with the blog. She decided that she will post about topics that interest her, not just gardening stuff, and she will only blog when she wasn't to blog, not when she thinks she needs to. I think that this is a very good strategy for keeping a blog going in the long run.
Winner: Kate Smudges In Earth, Paint and Life

The Round 5 pairings are: (the upper bracket gets to rest again)

49. Quit Your Day Job vs. A Haiku For No One
50. What Is Hip vs. Present Simple
51. vs. The Bingo Caller Of Love
52. Steve's Nude Memphis Blog vs. Kate Smudges In Earth, Paint and Life


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...


I demand a recount!

I demand a second oppinion!

I demand a great tasting butter spread that won't fill me uP!

B.E. Earl said...

Slyde vs. one of his very first readers. Nice!

Think Frustrated said...

Woo hoo! Battling it out in the lower bracket. Maybe I can be a dark whore.

badgerdaddy said...

Oh my - the master versus the apprentice. But which is which? YOU decide.

Quite literally, Mr Snow.

Slyde said...

for god sakes dont let me get caught with my pants down again before i can get a halway decent story up there... ! ones going up when i get home tonight, i swear!!