Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Times are a-changing

I do not like change much. I don't fear change or anything, but if I find something that works for me I would rather just leave it alone. So that is why these next couple of months are going to be so strange, there is going to be alot of change.
My stay in the Jardine Apartments will come to an end at seven years during the next week as I move into my sister's (Jenette's) new house that they just bought out in Saint George. Then a couple of months after that my eight year streak of living in Manhattan will end when Nicole and I move down to Tulsa to take jobs at a statistical software company. Hopefully, we will buy a house down there as well.

Oh, also I checked this morning and the internet didn't know that "porcupines are not soft", so I thought I would let it know.


hockeyfrog said...

Yup. We all have to grow up sometime, and its certainly a weird feeling.

I'm still fighting it after all these years. (Luckily, being shifted in a job I truly enjoy, is making this a lot easier. Plus the fact I can still live a bit of that rock and roll lifestyle, you know I'm okay with it :) )

I wish you guys all the luck in the world! (And if I need a place to crash in Tulsa if I'm on the road with a band, I'm calling you first ;)

ruth said...

I don't think anyone likes change very much - in spite of what they say. It takes you out of your comfort zone.

Best wishes for your move!

newgen said...

but that's nowhere near'll have to be over lots the next coupla months.

Tuba Queen said...

I'm happy you guys aren't going to be any further than you are now. I miss you two alot now. I'm excited to help you guys move to your new place in Tulsa, whether house or appartment. And its so AWESOME Jenette and Chris got a house. YAY

Ookami Snow said...

@hockeyfrog- If you come down by tulsa we hope that you would stay with us.

@ruth- thanks. It is fun right now since I don't have to do much, when i actually have to move it will get alot more stressful.

@newgen- or you could come out to the new house in St. George. There is lots of room.

@jayme- I hope we don't get into another apartment, unless we can't find a house we like in tulsa.

elizabeth said...

I dunno... I didn't think I liked change but - I love where I am and couldn't have gotten here without a HUGE amount of it. So I guess I do like change.

I also like "change" - unexpected coffee cravings etc.